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Pete Riches

Pete Riches


Full Name: Peter Lloyd Riches
Nicknames: Big Blonde Bastard,
Captain Pernod
Date and Place of Birth: 27 February 1959 in Morton,
near Gainsborough, Lincs
Height: 6'5½" (9½" when in the perpendicular)
Eye Colour: Grey/green, but often red and bleary
Hair Colour: Which bit? Bleached bits and brown bits - real hair is dirty blonde
Favourite Foods: Italian, except spaghetti and seafood - those little crustaceans look too much like nose pickings
Favourite Drink: Tequila and fresh orange, Southern Comfort and lime, lager - especially Fosters
Favourite Film: Anything with plenty of over-the-top violence - the gorier the better
Favourite TV: Spitting Image, The Tube, Ear Say, Coronation Street, anything with us on - hardly ever watch TV
Favourite Bands: Thomas Dolby, Joe Jackson, Frank Zappa, Motorhead
Favourite Books: Catch 22, Candide, any Spike Milligan and Woody Allen
Favourite Joke: The Smiths, Billy Bragg, The Alarm, Tit Kershaw
Favourite Clothes: Hawaiian shirts, shoes from Robot
First Record Bought: 7": "Life on Mars", 12" "Here Come the Warm Jets", Eno
First Gig Attended: 1972, The Strawbs, Hull City Hall
Best Gig Attended: 1983, Bowie, Milton Keynes
1982, Bauhaus, Hull Tower Ballroom
197?, Bowie, Bridlington Spa
Previous Jobs: Restaurant washer-upper, bingo caller, DIY shop slave, factory tour guide, engineering workshop labourer, commercial photographer and graphic artist
Best Moment of Career So Far: Hearing "Miranda" for the first time on Radio Caroline
Heroes: David Bowie, Ken Livingstone (England's greatest eccentric), John Cleese, Clint Eastwood
Heroines: Joan Rivers, Grace Jones, any woman with real balls
Likes: Spontaneous friendship, honesty, hardworking practical types, money
Dislikes: Self-centred bores, crummy gig promoters, no money, thugs, pious fucking non-smokers, people who can't get up in the morning
How Would You Describe Yourself: Drunken slob
Most Desired Cars: De Thomaso Panthera, Countache, Corvette Stingray Turbo (you can stuff your Rolls!)
Most Hated Cars: Reliant Robin, Bond Bug, all new-style cars which look the same
Dying Words: Turn it up!
Countries I'd Most Like to Play in: China, America
Worst Fast Food: McDonalds
Most Disliked Instrument: The guitar, and all it symbolises
Most Hated Human Beings: Left-handed, black-haired, short-tongued, cross-eyed French dwarves (and Libyans)
Most Loved Human Beings: Anyone who wants to give me a lot of money
Favourite Animals: Pussy cats
Most Hated Sports: Football, cricket, rugby, darts, snooker
Favourite Sports: Track and field, ice hockey, ski-jumping, taking the piss
(the above two categories are purely on a spectator basis, by the way!)
Best Holiday: Venice
Worst Time of Year: Christmas, humbug!
Favourite Ice Cream: Loseleys lemon sorbet
Favourite Cigarettes: Lambert and Butler (silver pack)

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