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Stuart Walton

Stuart Walton

Keyboards & Bass

Full Name: Stuart John Walton
Nicknames: Wally, Fast Eddie
Date and Place of Birth: 15 June 1961, Bridlington
Height: 5'10" (approx)
Eye Colour: Brown, white round the edges
Hair Colour: Brown
Shoe Size:
Favourite Foods: Shepherd's pie, roast pork, Italian, French, chicken, interesting salads, bacon, Yorkshire fish'n'chips
Favourite Drink: Tea, milk, coke, orange
Favourite Film: Monty Python, Poltergeist, Woody Allen, most gory films
Favourite TV: The Tube, Horizon, The Young Ones, Monty Python
Favourite Radio: Caroline
Favourite Bands: Devo, Bowie, Diagram Brothers, Thomas Dolby, Original Mirrors, Bonzo Dog Band, Pink Floyd
Favourite Books: Stephen King, Guitar Handbook, Monty Python's Big Red Book, sheet music, Tolkien
Favourite Joke: The charts
Favourite Place: Bed, in front of the fire, north-east Spain, France
Favourite Clothes: Warm
Favourite Classical Music: "Pictures at an Exhibition" Mussorgski, Beethoven's 9th
First Record Bought: "The Untouchable", Alvin Stardust (well, I was only 12)
Best Record Bought: "David Live", Bowie
First Gig Attended: 1972, Hawkwind, De Montfort Hall, Leicester
Best Gig Attended: 1974, Pink Floyd, Bingley Hall
Previous Jobs: Graphic designer, car park attendant, paper(round) boy, stock room assistant, farm worker
Best Moment of Career So Far: When "Miranda" entered the indie charts
Heroes: Bowie, Michael Caine
Heroines: Janet Turpin, Raquel Welch
Likes: Eating out, recording, stratocasters, sleeping, going on holiday, swimming, cinema, sunshine, listening to music, Jaguar XJs, Ferraris, Porsches, forests, the sea, fretless basses
Dislikes: The Smiths, The Bunnymen, getting up early, smokers, the John Peel show, marzipan, apricots, insects, insurance companies, cold weather, football, TV sport, Radio One, shaving
How Would You Describe Yourself: 5'10", with brown hair, brown eyes and size 8½ shoes
Last Mode of Transport: F reg Mini (green)
First Guitar: Watkins Rapier 33
First Gig Played: School assembly in Leicester
First Band: Labyrinth (Hawkwind influenced)
Signing On: Thursday, 9.30am
Bank: Midland
Best Studio: Surrey Sound
Worst Studio: Roundhouse
Favourite Duane Eddy Song: Peter Gunn Theme
Favourite Chord: A Minor
Favourite Side of Bed: Left

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